You’ve scheduled the appointment with your client, but just before hanging up they ask, “what should I bring with me to the appointment”.  We’ve all had the client who shows up with a shoebox full of receipts, tax records covering multiple years, crumbled-up pieces of paper with tax notes and of course crumbs from this morning’s croissant.

We understand that no amount of cajoling will help some of these clients.  After all, who wants to think about tax documents when they could be listening to great music, binging on the latest Netflix release or chilling with friends.  Your client can’t escape from taxes, but you can certainly make the process easier by giving them a checklist along with simple instructions for what each item on the list means.

We created a handy checklist to help with this difficult process.  Click here to download the editable MS Word document.  If you see something that is missing, or incorrect we would like to fix it, so leave a note in the comments.