Today, we received the following message from the IRS Return Preparer Office:

Dear IRS Approved Provider,

We previously sent you a message on September 1 advising that the old CE system would be shut down on September 14 and a new CE system was tentatively scheduled to go live on September 19.  Unfortunately the transition will take longer than originally estimated. We now expect the new system to be available in early October. 

Please watch www.irs.gov/taxpros/ce for current information on the status.  We will also be sending you an e-mail when the new system launches.  Please review the September 1 letter again to ensure you have completed all tasks to prepare for the current system shutdown.

In addition, we are adding messaging inside the PTIN system under “View My Continuing Education Credits” that states there will be a delay for approximately a month while we transition to a new CE Provider reporting system and preparers should check back in mid-October for the latest regarding CE credits. 


RPO Continuing Education

We will post updates as we receive them from the IRS.