Welcome to the Tax University: the industry’s premier choice for Professional Preparer Training and Continuing Education Programs.

At the Tax University, we offer comprehensive educational programs developed and used by our affiliate to professionally train more than 7,500 tax preparers over the last 15+ years. The Tax University courses are designed both for those new to the industry as well as experienced tax professionals wanting Continuing Education credits.

The Tax University is an IRS-Approved Education Provider and all courses are eligible for Continuing Education credit with the IRS, OBTP and in some instances NASBA.

Our educational programs are designed to be:


We have invested thousands of hours developing our programs; and every year we make them better. Tax preparation is an industry that is dependent on “getting the details right.” We know you expect the same from your training.


We know your time is valuable. We want you to get the best education possible in the shortest amount of time. We have developed our programs so you can complete them in a reasonable time-frame; and stay focused on your goals.


Tax University courses are easy-to-use and requires little computer or internet skills. You should have no problems navigating our online classroom site to study or find any answers you need. If you do have any technical or tax-related questions, our support staff is only a phone call or email away.


All Tax University courses are available online 24hrs/day. After enrolling you can begin your course immediately, rather than waiting for materials to be mailed to you. And with no set class times you must attend, you can complete your studies anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Thank you for considering the Tax University for your training needs. We look forward to providing you a top-quality education in tax preparation!


John Going